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Senior Projects Ideas


Need ideas for your senior projects? We have great ideas and resources at your disposal!


1. Are you a people person? How about…


A project to find your high school counterpart from another graduating year. This would be a  historical research project in which you would find a high school counterpart from an earlier graduating year and interview him/her.    


To find your counterpart, you may have to speak to old teachers and staff of the school, read past year books, and perform research on the person both online and in person.


2. Do you have an artistic bend? Try…


a) A photography project in which you use photos of key landmarks and events of the historical Greater Maple Valley area and create a photography portfolio of the same areas today.




You can use any artistic media to recreate your own artistic renderings of an iconic figure, structure, or event in the community.


b) A project to design and create signage and labels for artifacts within our museums. You would create historical notes that would be used as permanent and informative fixtures in the museums.


3. Want to be a journalist? Interested in historical research?


Act as researcher for the Maple Valley Historical Society. Complete a research project on behalf of the Historical Society and have your work published in the Bugle and a local newspaper.



Volunteer for the Historical Society!


We offer…


  • Letters of recommendation for college applications
  • References for job applications and interviews
  • Real life experience to add to your resume 
  • Historical perspective of your community


We need….


Acquisitions Volunteers


We need 2 volunteers to come 1-2 Saturdays of each month to record new item acquisitions on our collections. To document the historical anecdotes that accompany donated items. To update our written records onto a computer database. To make recommendations on the design of a new website for the Historical Society.


Museums Docents


We need 4 volunteers to come one Saturday a month to manage the General Store Museum and the Fire Engine Museum during open hours by conducting knowledgeable tours and offering information about the Historical Society and its services.


Training is necessary for all of our  positions and will count toward your cumulated volunteer hours. We require a minimum commitment of one academic school year.



Does any of the above sound interesting? Need more details? Have a Senior Project or volunteer idea of your own? Please contact us at


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