Maple Valley Historical Society

Special Recognitions

 by the VOICE of the Valley

Sherrie is a perfect candidate for this notoriety as she is an amazing lady. She volunteers at the Hobart-Maple Valley Cemetery and has for so many years that we are not sure when it all started. (We think it was when she was a little girl, when her parents used to volunteer there). This is not an easy task but Sherrie is the woman who always has a shoulder to cry on and hug when you need one.

Sherrie also volunteers her time at the Maple Valley Historical Society and the Bugle. Sherrie is the ‘go to lady’ on any Tahoma alumni. She has books of all the ‘kids’ who have grown up in Taylor, Hobart and Maple Valley and it goes back for years. She keeps records of as many people as she can. She always can be found at the Tahoma All Class Reunion every year with her camera in hand.

Sherrie keeps records of all who have passed and are buried in the Maple Valley Hobart Cemetery. She even goes further than that, when she can, and has the information on people in other cemeteries but are from our area.

Sherrie also is the circulation manager for the VOICE of the Valley and has been doing this since 1988. Many people who get their paid subscription also get a smiley face drawn on their label, personally from Sherrie.

Sherrie can always be found with a smile on her face and she is a very sweet person. She does what she loves and never expects anything in return for doing what she considers ‘her hobby’.

Way to go Sherrie, we are all very proud of you. 


On June 27th, the Maple Valley City Council honored Dan Nicholas, the Historical Society's President, with a surprise proclamation for all his many years of service to the community of Maple Valley and the organizations that he has volunteered for.  The following is his proclamation and a picture of Dan with Mayor Noel Gerken and Deputy Mayor Victoria Laise-Jonas.

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